Project Description

If you are a newcomer to equestrian sports, Trigaire Equine is a great place to start. Student safety is our ultimate priority. We focus on providing a solid basis of knowledge and ability.  Trigaire Equine offers an excellent riding program for all levels of riders from beginners to advanced.  We offer lessons for those who would like to compete in English or Western events, either locally or around the country.  If you would prefer to just learn how to ride for the pure enjoyment of it?  We are the place for that too!

Trigaire Equine is a facility dedicated to providing riding lessons that teach you the skills of riding and more importantly great life lessons such as confidence, compassion, patience, and goal-oriented solutions. We have tow main goals during our lessons:  To work hard, and to have fun!

For young people and adults, being involved in riding horses is unlike any other activity or sport. We emphasize a solid foundation of basics, from proper horsemanship, sportsmanship, team-work, positive attitude, and responsibility. In addition, we provide a professional, fun, and relaxed environment, where genuine friendships are cherished and memories are made.

We suggest that all riders start out with some English, to develop better balance and the use of their body (aids) while on the horses. Then after riding for a while, if they want to try or switch to western, we can make that switch. Of course, this is our suggestion, but we will accommodate the needs and wishes of every rider.  Students are taught to groom, tack up the horse, ride, untack the horse, and put the horse back in their stall. We like for all of our riders to have the full horsemanship experience and also to gain the skills that they need so that they can become self-sufficient in the barn and be able to tack etc. on their own. After the instructors are completely comfortable with a rider’s ability on the ground work, we shift our focus to specific riding skills.

We provide the horse and the tack.  We also provide a helmet for the first couple of rides, but suggest that you get your own helmet.  We require ALL lesson riders to wear certified ASTM/SEI helmets.  Bicycle and hockey helmets are not allowed because they are produced to protect in different circumstances.

Riders must wear jeans or jodhpurs and Western or English riding boots are recommended.  At minimum, a boot with a 1/2 inch heel is required.  If you need to purchase any equipment, System Fencing is our local tack store.  They are located on Highway 7, just south of Rockwood.  Let them know that Trigaire sent you!

We look forward to seeing you at the barn!

If you would like to meet us prior to booking a lesson, we  also do tours of the barn. You are welcome to come out, meet the staff and some of our horses.