Project Description

Trigaire Equine wants to give EVERYONE, regardless of age or restrictions, the opportunity to enjoy being with horses.

There are many reasons why kids are attracted to horses and there are good reasons why you should introduce your child to the world of horses. Our students can learn companionship, responsibility, leadership, educational and vocational skills. Your kids will learn to love and care for the horses.

Horse riding is recreational, a social sport and provides good physical exercise. It encourages your kids to get outdoors.  More importantly, horse riding improves balance, core strength and co-ordination.

Kids in the Mighty Mini club gain confidence and self worth. Trigaire Equine helps your child to develop this confidence.  Our riding school encourages the young rider to gain control and get repeatable responses out of our horses.

Even just getting the saddle on can be a challenge, but the accomplishment is overwhelming. Contact us to find out more about our preschooler programs!